At Seven Senses the people are everything.  We are all participants, healers, leaders and experts. Every one of us has a unique presence that is valued and integral to our experience and existence.


Dr. Erica Matluck

Erica’s journey as a facilitator of healing began as a teenager. With a deep interest in the intersection of health and culture she studied pre-med and anthropology in college. She trained to be a certified Reiki Master while completing her undergraduate degree. Erica went on to study, practice and teach massage therapy and energy work for many years before pursuing a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, a Master’s degree in Nursing, and a postdoctoral nurse practitioner certificate. She is also an instructor of vinyasa yoga, meditation and kundalini. Her work is inspired by extensive world travel in pursuit of understanding how people heal globally.  Erica has also been deeply influenced by Gestalt therapy and its emphasis on human relationships, as well as the thousands of people that she’s accompanied on their healing journeys.




Paul Kuhn

Founder of Passage and director of experience for Assemblage, Paul Kuhn is a skilled facilitator that uses experience as a vehicle for transformation.  As a musician and an experience designer, he integrates sensory stimulation, breath and meditation to deepen presence, awareness and insight. Paul has trained in sound meditation and shares this transformative practice with individuals and groups throughout the world. He has produced and lead a broad range of experiences that inspire people to shift and awaken. Paul's work is deeply influenced by his passion for creating community and a natural talent for curation.