The Philosophy

Seven Senses is a holistic methodology. It is based on the philosophy that great health consists of four quadrants: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In order to create the kind of radiant health that impacts our lives, we must address all four of these quadrants. We view health as a dynamic continuum that ranges from physical illness, to a vibrant state of wellbeing that inspires every area of life, including relationships, careers and communities. The Seven Senses methodology can be applied regardless of where you are on this continuum. In modern western culture, we are accustomed to compartmentalizing these areas of health, overemphasizing the physical and seeing different types of practitioners to address each quadrant. At Seven Senses, we are committed to addressing all four of these areas.

Most of us are familiar with the physical aspects of health because these are the things we can see and feel in our bodies. Some of us have also explored limiting thought patterns of the mind (mental), and the emotional quadrant of health as well. The intersection of physical, mental and emotional phenomena is what we typically refer to as the “mind-body” connection. Understanding the relationship between mind and body, as well as body and mind is foundational to Seven Senses. The spiritual aspects of health help us to understand why we are experiencing what we are experiencing so we can apply it to our lives. Exploring the self spiritually can provide profound meaning in all four quadrants during challenging times. At Seven Senses, we apply the symbolic lens of the seven energy centers, or chakras to the spiritual quadrant of health. The chakra system is our framework for understanding why we are where we are on the continuum of health, how we got there and what the obstacles are to move forward- regardless of whether forward motion means physical healing, finding true love or growing a business.

The Seven Senses approach is uniquely well suited for those committed to personal growth and self understanding. We believe this path is universally transformative.