The Seven Senses process

Seven Senses is a process of awakening to a new understanding and experience of wellbeing. It is the path to a more authentic and connected life, where there are no limits to how great you can feel. The program is inspired by years of working with individuals and groups in the healthcare setting and observing how difficult it can be for people to describe how they feel and what they want in their health and lives. Many people can’t even imagine what it actually feels like to feel and be their best!

We are inundated with information about what constitutes a healthy, fulfilling life but when we integrate that information we often feel unsatisfied. It is common today to consult Google for diagnostic information, nutrition blogs for dietary advice, devices to tell you about the quality of your sleep or whether you have exercised enough, and a healthcare professional to tell you if you are “healthy”.  All of this information is valuable, but not when it replaces your ability to identify, trust and share how you feel. Seven Senses is a process of reconnecting with your physical, emotional and energetic body so that all of this extrinsic data is secondary and supportive to the supreme source of information, which is you.

Our process begins with a deep exploration of the self to discover what is important to you and whether your life reflects your authentic desires and gifts. Through awareness practices and grounding techniques, you will identify and begin to shed the cultural, societal or family beliefs and expectations that are not aligned with who you are and what is important to you. Letting go of those influential voices and the resulting self-doubt prepares you to listen to your whole self, rather than your thoughts exclusively. Holistic listening requires an awareness of your mind, as well as your physical, emotional and energetic bodies.

Nervous system control is another fundamental practice in the Seven Senses process. We will teach you how to enter into a parasympathetic state. The parasympathetic nervous system calms us. It is responsible for “feeding and breeding” or “resting and digesting”- the finer things in life. The sympathetic nervous system on the other hand, controls our survival instincts, or the “fight or flight” response. Gaining mastery of your nervous system is essential to be able to listen and accept your deepest desires, feelings and truths in a state of safety and security rather than fear and scarcity. Practicing holistic listening in a parasympathetic state results in an intensified ability to feel and understand your physical, emotional and energetic body. This is a new skill for many of us but it is critical for self-directed healing, thriving and transformation.

Holistic listening and nervous system control are the main tools you need to evaluate, redefine, and create a state of wellbeing that is uniquely your own. At Seven Senses, you will self-define health and wellbeing so it reflects what is important to you, as well as, your authentic desires and gifts. Through this process many people find that true wellbeing is not possible without addressing relationships and intimacy, nature and spirituality, work-life and sense of purpose or their creativity. These are a few common themes I’ve observed but there are no limits to what constitutes and contributes to wellbeing.

Through our personal and collective journey you will gain the tools to know when you are healthy and when you are not. You will cultivate sensitivity and awareness so that when discomfort arises, you will know what you need. You will know whether the source of your discomfort is primarily physical, mental, emotional or energetic. With practice, the Seven Senses process will radically change your relationship with your health.