Seven Senses presents

Root to Rise: a holistic journey of self discovery

a seven week online coaching program with Erica

Currently accepting applications for winter 2020


Have you forgotten that you are already whole and your ability to heal and create is boundless?

Do you feel unsatisfied with your career or limited financially?

Are you stuck in a pattern of disappointed love or unhealthy relationships?

Any limitation in health or life can be traced back to the ways in which we have unconsciously compromised our authenticity for love and acceptance. Somewhere along the way most of us forget who we truly are and build our lives disconnected from our true essence, planting the seeds of limitation and dissatisfaction in life.

The holistic self is composed of four quadrants: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each one of these quadrants is interconnected and spans our inner and outer worlds. This program will address all four quadrants. Holistic self discovery is the path to remembering who you are. It does not draw distinctions between your physical body and your life. Your health, mental and emotional state, financial wellbeing, career choices and love life are not separate from each other- they are all expressions of YOU. So when we approach self discovery from a holistic lens, the work ripples into every area of our lives. Whether you're struggling with physical illness, unable to manifest a romantic partner, or dissatisfied with your career, this program is for you. Root to Rise will reveal the energetic threads that bind our inner selves to our outer lives and the emerging transformation will impact EVERYTHING.

Each week we will apply the Seven Senses philosophy to explore fundamental themes in the psyche. Through group discussion and guided practice, you will gain a deep understanding of the unconscious material that has been steering you astray from your authentic path. As we unpack each theme old wounds may emerge and together we will heal them. This work is one of a kind and includes elements of energy work, neuropsychology, archetype, gestalt constellations, kundalini yoga, integrative medicine and healing practices from all over the world. Participants can expect frequent insights, breakthroughs and accelerated personal growth and healing.


  • A 7-week intensive experience (beginning January 9th)

  • Weekly live 2 hour group Zoom sessions Thursday evenings at 7pm EST (all sessions recorded and available at any time)

  • One private 60 minute 1-1 intuitive coaching session with Dr. Erica Matluck

  • Private Facebook Group for our community

  • Guided practices and resources for continued self-exploration

  • A safe and supportive container for deep healing and transformation

  • Exclusive discount codes for Seven Senses Retreats

This group will be highly curated for individual and collective growth.
Every participant is already on a growth path and ready to do the work!
Every participant is a master of something, yet shows up with a beginners mind.
Participants will be selected based on application.
Group size is limited.

$999 upfront or 4 monthly payments of $250
* This program is valued at over $4000*


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