“At the end of this week, you will have all of the physical and metaphysical tools to strategize and execute success back at home.” -Harpers Bazaar

The Experience

Seven Senses is not just a retreat. It is a personal and collective journey- an awakening to the wholeness and power that resides within. In a magical setting we come together to explore ourselves - mind, body and spirit- through the symbolic lens of the chakras. Expect a week that blends yoga, breath work, sound, archetype, personal and group exploration - all in service of helping us see the parts of ourselves normally hidden from view. With this expanded awareness, deep acceptance and self-love become possible.

Who is this experience for?

Seven Senses is an opportunity to deepen your connection to yourself. Whatever it is - a career change, looking for love, newly single, struggling with health issues, or simply feeling stagnant in your current life - the journey will serve as a tailwind to guide you into the next phase with clarity.

Your transformation awaits...

Upcoming retreats

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Todos Santos

Todos Santos, Mexico | October 19-26, 2019

PACHAMAMA boutique hotel

From $2175 (all inclusive upon arrival at PACHAMAMA)

*flights and transportation from the airport are not included

Have questions? Need a payment plan? Email us at info@experiencesevensenses.com

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Lucca, Italy | June 8-15, 2019

Villa benvenuti

Prices start at $2175 per person (all inclusive upon arrival at the villa)

*flights and transportation from the airport are not included

Sold Out

cancellation policy:

We issue full refunds for cancellation requests submitted 60 days prior to the retreat start date. In case of cancellation requests submitted 30 days prior to the retreat start date, we will issue a partial refund of 50% of total amount. Cancellation requests submitted less than 30 days before the retreat start date will not be refunded. We encourage you to purchase travel insurance and expect the unexpected. No exceptions will be made, even in case of injury/illness, personal emergencies, or weather, etc.

Sample Daily Schedule

Morning embodiment practice: Yoga, breath-work and sound meditation to access the sacral chakra


Session 1:  
Exploring the sacral chakra: Applying archetype, guided imagery and energetic awareness to understand the sacral chakra. 


Reflection time on the beach or enjoy a spa treatment

Session 2:  
Group integration


Stargazing and connecting



At Seven Senses the people are everything.  We are all participants, healers, leaders and experts. Every one of us has a unique presence that is valued and integral to our experience and existence.


Dr. Erica Matluck

Erica’s journey as a facilitator of healing began as a teenager. With a deep interest in the intersection of health and culture she studied pre-med and anthropology in college. She trained to be a certified Reiki Master while completing her undergraduate degree. Erica went on to study, practice and teach massage therapy and energy work for many years before pursuing a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, a Master’s degree in Nursing, and a postdoctoral nurse practitioner certificate. She is also an instructor of vinyasa yoga, meditation and kundalini. Her work is inspired by extensive world travel in pursuit of understanding how people heal globally.  Erica has also been deeply influenced by Gestalt therapy and its emphasis on human relationships, as well as the thousands of people that she’s accompanied on their healing journeys.




Paul Kuhn

Founder of Passage and director of experience for Assemblage, Paul Kuhn is a skilled facilitator that uses experience as a vehicle for transformation.  As a musician and an experience designer, he integrates sensory stimulation, breath and meditation to deepen presence, awareness and insight. Paul has trained in sound meditation and shares this transformative practice with individuals and groups throughout the world. He has produced and lead a broad range of experiences that inspire people to shift and awaken. Paul's work is deeply influenced by his passion for creating community and a natural talent for curation.

Yelapa, Mexico-March, 2018



Tulum, Mexico-October, 2017


Habitas, Tulum