The Experience

Seven Senses is not just a retreat. It is a personal and collective journey- an awakening to the wholeness and power that resides within. In a magical setting rich with natural elements and modern accommodations, we will come together to explore ourselves - mind, body and spirit- through the symbolic lens of the seven energy centers. The experience will unfold, each day will build upon the last, and will include individual and group inquiry, yoga, breath-work, sound meditation, archetypal exploration, and contemplative practices.  Expect a daily practice, unique culinary experiences, ritual, and plenty of time to explore the surrounding natural beauty. 

Who is this experience for?

People come to Seven Senses retreats with a variety of intentions. The experience is designed for people in life transitions or those wanting to make big changes in their lives. This experience will give you the tailwind you need to move into the next phase of your life with ease. Seven Senses is for you if you are desiring a career change, looking for love, newly single, struggling with health issues for yourself or a loved one, or simply feeling stagnant in your current life and unclear about what's next.  

How does it work?

Everything on the physical plane began as energy. Prior to the development of physical illness, dysfunctional relationships and careers we hate, a subtle energetic sensation existed that we either didn't hear or didn't listen too. This rich information lies in the subtle body- the part of ourselves that we can feel but not see. It is our energy, our vibration and the essence of who we are. The chakra system provides a framework for understanding the subtle body.

In our retreats, we explore ourselves through the symbolic lens of a different chakras each day. We begin at the root, the part of the subtle body that develops in the first 7 years of our lives. The root is the foundation upon which all of the other chakras develop. Over the course of the week, we trace the developmental path of our energetic selves, while taking the time to reflect on how it has impacted our life decisions, relationships, and current situations. Through this work, we begin to understand why some aspects of our lives do not feel aligned and need to change.  

We start our day with an embodiment practice that consists of movement, breath-work and sound elements carefully curated to access the chakra. The embodiment practice gets you out of your head so you can fully access the information in the subtle body. After breakfast, we move into an exploratory session, where we begin to understand the connection between the chakra development and our current life situation. Through this process, we let go of a lifetime of dysfunctional beliefs, fears and obstacles to our authentic desires. Each day you will gain awareness, tools, community and the path forward becomes clear. 


We will reflect on our lives, our selves, our dreams, and discover areas where we can live more authentically.


We will listen to our inner voices and access intuition so that we may uncover new perspectives and understandings about who we are and what we want.


We will apply our insights toward the design of fully empowered lives.

Upcoming Retreats

Nosara photo.jpg

Nosara, Costa Rica | February 9-16, 2019

Blue Spirit Retreat

$1875-$3375 per person (all inclusive upon arrival at Blue Spirit Retreat)

*flights and transportation from the airport are not included

Early Bird Pricing ends December 1st!

Sample Daily Schedule: The Sacral Chakra

Morning embodiment practice: Yoga, breath-work and sound meditation to awaken the sacral chakra


Session 1:  
Exploring the sacral chakra: Applying archetype, guided imagery and energetic awareness to understand the sacral chakra. 


Reflection time on the beach or enjoy a spa treatment

Session 2:  
Group integration


Stargazing and connecting

Yelapa, Mexico-March, 2018



Tulum, Mexico-October, 2017


Habitas, Tulum