About Erica Matluck,

Hi. I’m Erica. I am licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Nurse Practitioner in California and New York. I am a global shaper for over a decade in both conventional and alternative approaches to healthcare, and an expert in integrative medicine.

I studied anthropology and pre-med at Oberlin, fascinated by the intersection of culture and health, I traveled all over the world to explore how people in other cultures heal. I trained and taught massage therapy and energy work throughout the world as a certified Reiki master, yoga and meditation instructor. My perspectives and mastery inform my work today.

With a commitment to providing accessible holistic care, I began practicing at One Medical in San Francisco in 2011, and eventually served as interim Clinical Director of Integrative Medicine at One Medical nationally.

In addition to my medical practice, I've delivered presentations, workshops, content, in addition to wellness experiences with prominent publications and organizations: Vogue, Well + Good, Harpers Bazaar, Everyday Health, Vice, Mozaic Magazine, The Assemblage, Habitas, and more.

I founded Seven Senses to be a new paradigm of healthcare where you heal, grow, gain new perspective, and transcend limiting beliefs about yourself and your life. It is an empowering experience where you will learn how to master the mind-body connection and heal yourself. I truly believe that everyone has the ability to thrive, and when we are all in this state our collective potential is infinite.

To learn more about my private practice visit www.ericamatluck.com



About Paul Kuhn

Founder of Passage and director of experience for Assemblage, Paul Kuhn is a skilled facilitator that uses experience as a vehicle for transformation. As a musician and an experience designer, he integrates sensory stimulation, sound, breath and meditation to deepen presence, awareness and insight. Paul has trained in sound meditation and shares this transformative practice with individuals and groups throughout the world.

He has produced and lead a broad range of experiences that inspire people to shift and awaken. Paul's work is deeply influenced by his passion for creating community and a natural talent for curation.