The Work

Healing is the journey to wholeness. At Seven Senses we believe that you have the ability to heal yourself and we partner with you in that process. Health is a dynamic continuum, and a complex intersection of physical, mental, emotional and energetic phenomena. Whether we are working individually or in a group setting, we address all of these phenomena, as well as the relationships, beliefs and cultural understandings that influence them. The Seven Senses approach is truly holistic, drawing from from evidence-based and integrative medicine, traditional and contemporary healing practices and clairvoyant awareness. The healing journey is a universal human experience and a life-long process. We are committed to making that process meaningful and empowering for all.



Private Consultations


Regardless of where you are on the continuum of health, Erica offers a truly holistic approach to care.  With a background in primary care and expertise in integrative, lifestyle and mind-body medicine, she works with individuals suffering from illness, as well as those seeking wellness optimization. You can expect to reach your health goals by addressing the  physical, mental, emotional and energetic obstacles to your desired state of wellbeing.

Erica's  areas of expertise include chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, hormone imbalances,  auto-immune conditions, hair-loss, skin complaints and stress management.


Group Experiences


We believe that human connection is an integral part of wellbeing. Together, we can explore ourselves more deeply through the reflective lens of each other. We have all experienced feeling isolated in our lives. Through the dynamics of the group, our isolation dissolves as we realize that our stories, though individual, share the same themes.  

Our experiences are an opportunity to step away from your daily routine, reflect on who you are, the life you have created and discover something new. It is an invitation to consider your intentions, your authentic desires and let them guide your future.