The Experience

Seven Senses is not a retreat. It is a personal and collective journey- an awakening to the wholeness and power that resides within. In a magical setting rich with natural elements and modern accommodations, we will come together to explore ourselves - mind, body and spirit- through the symbolic lens of the seven energy centers. The experience will unfold, each day will build upon the last, and will include individual and group inquiry, yoga, breath-work, sound meditation, archetypal exploration, and contemplative practices.  Expect a daily practice, unique culinary experiences, ritual, and plenty of time to explore the surrounding natural beauty. 


We will reflect on our lives, our selves, our dreams, and discover areas where we can live more authentically.


We will listen to our inner voices and access intuition so that we may uncover new perspectives and understandings about who we are and what we want.


We will apply our insights toward the design of fully empowered lives.