Yelapa, Mexico-March, 2018



Tulum, Mexico-October, 2017


Habitas, Tulum


"I didn't know what to expect before my first Seven Senses retreat in Tulum, Mexico.  Little did I know, the experience was coming at exactly the right moment in my life to give me the opportunity to look at where I was in my life, where I wanted to be, and what was holding me back from taking the first step to getting there.  Through guided meditations, invitations for introspection, breath and body work, and powerful group sharing, my dreams began to coalesce into tangible goals that no longer felt like far off pipe dreams but instead real and attainable, and in fact inevitable.  It's hard to explain the magic that took place that week, but I can say that since that time, my perspectives on where I am, who I am, and what is available to me have all shifted and the difference has been palpable and tangible and new opportunities that would have previously felt like far off dreams have fallen in my lap.  I am so grateful to Erica and Paul for their loving guidance and expert curation of the whole experience!" - Hillary, Berkeley, CA


"I loved meeting new people and connecting with them on an entirely different level. Everyone came with a totally open heart and mind. Everything flowed with ease and worked together to create a cohesive and very well thought out experience. The daily "theme" or focal point that combined the medical and the spiritual was perfect and the gifts that both Erica and Paul bring separately and together is what made the experience beautifully curated. I did not have to worry about anything and could completely relax, let go, and be fully immersed in the experience and the journey they took us on. I will absolutely recommend this experience to all of my friends and I already cannot wait to go to another one!"  -Elizabeth,  Boston, MA


"In a sea of life-changing experiences, Seven Senses Experience stands out.  I spent a week I will never forget in the careful care of Erica (and Paul) as they beautifully and masterfully guided our group through the wonder of the chakras and all of the magical potential waiting for each of us to tap into.  The wisdom that Erica shared is a testament to her knowledge of many schools of thought and medicine and she blended all of them together in a careful and holistic way that left me feeling more whole than ever before.  In addition to our minds, and spirits being nourished, we were pampered with an equally mindful vegetarian diet of locally sourced and made-with-love foods.  All of this, and the icing on the cake was sitting in daily circles surrounded by other incredibly inspiring humans all on a path to explore, discover and BE in love with themselves so that they, we, can love others harder.  I made lasting friendships and experienced shifts that I will forever be grateful for.  Thank you Erica!  I would recommend Seven Senses again and again and I cannot wait to attend the next one you host!"    -Patricia,  San Francisco, CA


"This was the first time I've had everything at my fingertips to truly take a week for myself and self-development without making any trade offs: great schedule, great location and food, great instruction, and just the right amount of personal-, peer-, and instructor-led challenge to nudge me to take myself into a better me. And I did. The magic to me was largely due to the fact that all of it was based in evidence-based medicine and physiology because of the instructor, Dr. Matluck."   -Joe, NY, NY

“My experience with Seven Senses was beyond words. It blew me open in ways I didn’t know was possible and it allowed me to see myself — my most true and authentic self. Erica and Paul are two of the most genuine, intuitive, loving people I have had the honor to meet. I am so grateful I listened to myself and took the leap —this is truly a life changing experience and I recommend it to anyone who is seeking liberation within themselves. “ - Bri, Vancouver, Canada

“The Seven Senses Retreat allowed me the space to connect and provided me the tools and knowledge to go deeper. It has left an transformative impact on my life and has opened up places that have been closed. I felt safe, taken care of and supported. The people and the energy were very special, (and it was quite fun)” - Bethany, Los Angeles, CA.

“Feeling extremely grateful to have been a part of the Seven Senses retreat at the stunning Xinalani Retreat Centre. Capturing Erica and Paul creating and holding space for all of us to dig down and explore our selves, and watching them do so for each other too, was an amazing experience. Not only are they both extremely talented on their own, but when they come together to create, the energy is palpable. (And they make a pretty darn cute couple, too!) If you’re looking for an experience that digs in deeper than your average yoga retreat, combining movement, sound healing and breath work while exploring each chakra, I highly recommend you sign yourself up and dive in to this amazing journey!” - Ashley, Vancouver, Canada

“Tremendous experience that I would suggest to anyone.” - Meryl, Colorado