working with Erica one on one …

Working with Erica has been transformative. I started seeing her when I felt that I felt that my primary physician wasn't able to help identify factors contributing to my health. Through working with Erica, we were able to uncover high cortisol levels that were hindering parts of my health goals and we worked together to determine was was contributing to that. But what was so much more impactful from working with Erica was completely reframing how I was approaching my health goals, behaviors, and attitudes. Before my work with Erica so much of my relationship with health was about figuring out what was "wrong" or "not working" that was preventing me from reaching my fitness goals. Working with Erica not only helped me re-frame my definition of "health" but I created an approach, lifestyle, and mindset that supports understanding and listening to my body and giving it what it needs in a holistic way.  - Sadia

Dr. Erica is THE BEST doctor I've ever worked with, period. When I first showed up in her office I was burnt out and exhausted - and nothing I tried seemed to be helping. She systematically worked through her process like an investigator getting to the root of my issues. I love that she embraces both eastern and western medicine with an open and pragmatic approach. She really listens and was committed to getting me to optimal health, even when I didn't believe it was possible. Now I feel amazing and have energy again! (Thank you, Erica!!) Plus I learned so much about health and wellness that I will take with me for the rest of my life. I recommend Dr. Erica to everyone I hear complaining of energy and digestive issues because as far as I'm concerned she is a miracle worker. We started out in-person and switched to video calls which worked out great. I can't say enough good things about her. If you're considering working with her DO IT! - Rose

When I started seeing Erica a year ago, I was at constant war with my stomach and digestion and felt hopeless. I was always bloated and everything I ate upset my stomach. I also wanted to get off birth control as soon as possible (as it was contributing to my stomach issues), but feared I would relive the horrible acne I struggled with in the past. Right away, Erica asked me to do an elimination diet and the experience was life changing. Being able to systematically identify the foods that were bothering my stomach was so empowering. Even before birth control, I frequently dealt with bloating and gas and just accepted it as a part of my life. After adjusting my diet, going off birth control the second time around was a completely different experience. While I still experienced some acne, it was nowhere near the level it was before as I was no longer eating all the foods that had been causing inflammation in my body. Beyond that, I felt supported by Erica the entire time. After tackling my diet, we worked together to figure out the different supplements and lifestyle changes that would support my natural cycle and hormones. Looking back at where I was a year ago when I started seeing Erica, I am now a completely different person. Erica has helped me reclaimed my body and my health. Working with her has been one of the most valuable things I have done for my life and well being. - Michelle, student

I worked with Erica over a period of 5 months and it was an amazing experience. I was struggling with Epstein Barr Virus-related symptoms and digestive issues that I couldn't figure out, and Erica helped fully resolve these problems in the time we worked together. Erica is a wonderful doctor - she's a deep listener and shows so much care and compassion for her patients. I am so grateful for our experience together and would highly recommend you see her if you are wanting to actually get to finally resolve your health concerns.

- Nicole Jardim, Women’s health and functional nutrition coach

Thank you for the incredible care of my body (and spirit!) during my time in SF. Seven care providers later, you were the one I had been searching for. I couldn’t be more grateful to have found you. You healed me. Thanks for treating me as an entire being, not just as symptoms. -B.L.

 Erica Matluck is a godsend. She's patient, compassionate, dedicated and a great listener. I was relieved to see that she is a Naturopathic Doctor and an FNP. The best of both worlds. Someone who is willing to consider all options, and has depth of experience trying alternatives. -A.P.

Words cannot adequately convey the heartfelt gratitude I feel for Dr. Erica Matluck. It’s not often you can call someone a “lifesaver” and mean it, but she truly is in every sense of the word. I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Matluck for five years. In that time I experienced a lot of health issues; mentally, emotionally and physically, all of which Erica attended to fully. Her unique blend of excellent medical expertise with whole body Naturopathy plus her spiritual/yoga training allowed her to fully “cure” me using various methods-from prescriptions of medication to a “prescription” of meditation. She gave me the lifelong gift of looking into my whole wellbeing and giving me advice to become a healthier, happier more fulfilled me. Dr. Erica Matluck embodies what one could hope for working with a doctor; one who looks at the whole picture, helping you reach your optimal health and living on the best path to being your greatest self. -E.S.

Erica Matluck is absolutely one of the top three most helpful health professionals I've ever worked with - she may even be #1. She is knowledgeable, personable, insightful, and dedicated. I feel very fortunate to have her on my team. - D.N.

Erica is one of the best things to happen to my (and my husband's) life. My husband was out of work with sudden extreme fatigue and had not gotten any real diagnosis or treatment that went anywhere. Then Erica decided that his thyroid should be tested, so we did, and he was put on thyroid medication. Within a few short weeks (well, not really short--if you know anything about thyroid medication, you know what I mean!), he was feeling largely his old self and back at work. His regular GP has said that she would never have tested his thyroid, so I am so thankful that we went to Erica, who doesn't just think in terms of HMO formularies. -M.M.

Erica has played such a huge role in my care and health for the past year and a half. I have struggled with multiple diagnoses that only Erica has been able to treat and continue to treat. She has helped me through a cancer diagnosis, multiple food allergies that even the Mayo Clinic didn't diagnosis or discover correctly and has been so helpful with my thyroid disease. -S.B..

Erica was the best thing that could have happened to me. Last October, I became very sick with mystery illnesses that lasted 10 months. I became so weak that I could barely work, eat or stand up for more than an hour at a time.  I started developing numerous infections, each of which triggered another infection or illness. Everyone around me was very worried for my life. Not to discount western medicine, but the western med doctors I saw only attempted to treat each individual ailment, rather than looking at my body holistically and finding the underlying cause. I was extremely blessed to have found Erica. Erica, being trained in both western and alternative medicine, patiently worked with  me for months to help alleviate my symptoms while finding the root cause of my rapid decline in health. If Erica did not know an answer, she admitted it, and she would do homework on her own to find the answer. She spoke to specialists and colleagues to try and learn as much as she could for me. She was really a warrior for my health, and I truly believe she saved my life. At the end of it all, we discovered that my body was shutting down due to a severe presence of toxic mold in my apartment. If it weren't for Erica's dedication and tenacity in finding the underlying cause/culprit of my illness, I would have never figured out the reason (toxic mold) and who knows what could have happened to me. Where other doctors would have probably given up on me or just treat me with prescriptions, Erica fought for me... and we came out on top. I am eternally grateful for Erica. She is the type of of doctor that changes people’s lives, and in turn makes this world a better place. Thank you, Erica! -M.S.

Erica is a true healer who integrates Western Medicine with Eastern Philosophy for a complete mind-body-soul perspective that is a rare find. I first saw Erica professionally after countless doctors could not diagnose severe autoimmune symptoms. She was intuitive with picking up on symptoms and finding the underlying cause to kickstart my path to recovery. As someone who works in the world of healing myself, I know how special it is to find someone who doesn't just talk the talk, but walks the walk. Erica is dedicated to her clients, to her practice, and to furthering her knowledge in many modalities. She is grounded and insightful. I strongly recommend working with Erica to achieve balance in your life. -E.B.

Erica is wonderful to work with. She's the only doctor I was able to find in the California Bay Area who truly understood my condition (SIBO) and had good ways to treat it. She's also an extremely good listener and compassionate person. She's helped me more than any other doctor! - anonymous

working with Erica and paul on Retreat …

"I didn't know what to expect before my first Seven Senses retreat in Tulum, Mexico.  Little did I know, the experience was coming at exactly the right moment in my life to give me the opportunity to look at where I was in my life, where I wanted to be, and what was holding me back from taking the first step to getting there.  Through guided meditations, invitations for introspection, breath and body work, and powerful group sharing, my dreams began to coalesce into tangible goals that no longer felt like far off pipe dreams but instead real and attainable, and in fact inevitable.  It's hard to explain the magic that took place that week, but I can say that since that time, my perspectives on where I am, who I am, and what is available to me have all shifted and the difference has been palpable and tangible and new opportunities that would have previously felt like far off dreams have fallen in my lap.  I am so grateful to Erica and Paul for their loving guidance and expert curation of the whole experience!" - Hillary, Berkeley, CA

“I’m posting this here to tell you about one of the most transformative experiences I have had in my life thus far. I am a spiritual individual, I’m constantly dabbling in new life experiences but I tend to enter into new experiences with an edge of jaded trepidation. Last September, I was not feeling grounded in my sense of self so I joined Erica (I refer to her as buddha as she is so, so wise) and Paul (a sound and musical shaman) on a Seven Senses retreat in Mexico on a whim. No cell service, no computer, no gym, no Presley, no familiar faces, nothing to distract me. Just me alone facing myself and all that entails. Eek! Yikes! But ...actually so amazing! Once I realized I had landed in one of the most beautiful resorts in the world (think “One with the earth”, but with advanced plumbing) but mostly realizing I had been neglecting to appreciate myself and everything that I am, all the love that I am, Erica and Paul (along with the most amazing group of individuals I could’ve imagined) kept reminding me to accept and love all of who I am until I started really hearing and feeling it for myself. It might sound ridiculous but I really needed to hear and feel that!! I learned and started the practice in depth about the art of compassion, gratitude, trust, acceptance and forgiveness. Not just knowing the definition and having fleeting moments of temporary feelings but meditating, being curious about, and ultimately knowing everything I see in others is what I am projecting of myself. What an experience! Life just gets more and more beautiful! So ........ Join these two beautiful, magical kids in their next trip to Tuscany if you can and definitely keep them on your radar. All things in good time. I cannot think of much that I recommend more than what they offer for healing, personal growth and self love." - Brenda, NYC


"I loved meeting new people and connecting with them on an entirely different level. Everyone came with a totally open heart and mind. Everything flowed with ease and worked together to create a cohesive and very well thought out experience. The daily "theme" or focal point that combined the medical and the spiritual was perfect and the gifts that both Erica and Paul bring separately and together is what made the experience beautifully curated. I did not have to worry about anything and could completely relax, let go, and be fully immersed in the experience and the journey they took us on. I will absolutely recommend this experience to all of my friends and I already cannot wait to go to another one!"  -Elizabeth,  Boston, MA


"In a sea of life-changing experiences, Seven Senses Experience stands out.  I spent a week I will never forget in the careful care of Erica (and Paul) as they beautifully and masterfully guided our group through the wonder of the chakras and all of the magical potential waiting for each of us to tap into.  The wisdom that Erica shared is a testament to her knowledge of many schools of thought and medicine and she blended all of them together in a careful and holistic way that left me feeling more whole than ever before.  In addition to our minds, and spirits being nourished, we were pampered with an equally mindful vegetarian diet of locally sourced and made-with-love foods.  All of this, and the icing on the cake was sitting in daily circles surrounded by other incredibly inspiring humans all on a path to explore, discover and BE in love with themselves so that they, we, can love others harder.  I made lasting friendships and experienced shifts that I will forever be grateful for.  Thank you Erica!  I would recommend Seven Senses again and again and I cannot wait to attend the next one you host!"    -Patricia,  San Francisco, CA


"This was the first time I've had everything at my fingertips to truly take a week for myself and self-development without making any trade offs: great schedule, great location and food, great instruction, and just the right amount of personal-, peer-, and instructor-led challenge to nudge me to take myself into a better me. And I did. The magic to me was largely due to the fact that all of it was based in evidence-based medicine and physiology because of the instructor, Dr. Matluck."   -Joe, NY, NY

“My experience with Seven Senses was beyond words. It blew me open in ways I didn’t know was possible and it allowed me to see myself — my most true and authentic self. Erica and Paul are two of the most genuine, intuitive, loving people I have had the honor to meet. I am so grateful I listened to myself and took the leap —this is truly a life changing experience and I recommend it to anyone who is seeking liberation within themselves. “ - Bri, Vancouver, Canada

“The Seven Senses Retreat allowed me the space to connect and provided me the tools and knowledge to go deeper. It has left an transformative impact on my life and has opened up places that have been closed. I felt safe, taken care of and supported. The people and the energy were very special, (and it was quite fun)” - Bethany, Los Angeles, CA.

“Feeling extremely grateful to have been a part of the Seven Senses retreat at the stunning Xinalani Retreat Centre. Capturing Erica and Paul creating and holding space for all of us to dig down and explore our selves, and watching them do so for each other too, was an amazing experience. Not only are they both extremely talented on their own, but when they come together to create, the energy is palpable. (And they make a pretty darn cute couple, too!) If you’re looking for an experience that digs in deeper than your average yoga retreat, combining movement, sound healing and breath work while exploring each chakra, I highly recommend you sign yourself up and dive in to this amazing journey!” - Ashley, Vancouver, Canada

“Tremendous experience that I would suggest to anyone.” - Meryl, Colorado